June 21, 2024
Job by East African Trading House PLC

Job by East African Trading House PLC

Provide financial guidance and support to senior leadership so they can make sound business decisions.

Main Duties and Responsibilities: Job by East African Trading House PLC , Provide financial guidance and support to senior leadership so they can make sound business decisions.

  • Lead the development of financial management reporting on time.
  • Analyse competitors and market trends and develop financial management mechanisms that minimize financial risk.
  • Lead the development of financial strategies, budgets and plans.
  • Monitor and interpret financial information which is related to cash flows, working capital requirements and predicting future trends.
  • Evaluate the financial merit and implications of major business decisions and proposals.
  • Recommend robust financial control including the identification of potential cost savings.
  • Monitor internal and external factors influencing financial performance and advise senior management accordingly.
  • Oversee and manage the continued development of budgeting, financial forecasting, and operating plan.
  • Ensures that the company financial systems run properly and follow the organization’s policies and standards as outlined in the cost allocation policy and business rules.
  • Take administrative roles to assign operation roles to finance staff in line with their respective roles defined in their respective job descriptions.
  • Ensures integrity and quality data processing for accurate reporting and information sharing
  • Ensures that adequate internal controls are in place to monitor and mitigate financial risks;
  • Closely monitors balance sheet accounts to ensure that assets and liabilities accounts are kept at a reasonable level and report abnormal balances to management for action and decision.
  • Process and provide monthly ageing reports for management review monthly with a recommended action for delinquent balances.
  • Ensures that all Company bank accounts are opened in the name of the organization.
  • Ensures that monthly bank reconciliation is performed for all bank accounts and approved bank reconciliation forms are submitted to the CEO
  • Ensure that timely cash drawdown is made based on approved cash forecast and sufficient cash balance maintained for operation. Excessive cash should not be held to avoid undesirable risks including exposure to currency devaluation;
  • Ensures that all disbursements are prepared based on approved payment request, sufficiently supported, approved by designated official and charged to a valid budget and project;
  • Organizes, plans and monitors the administration, finance, activities in a coordinated and comprehensive way.
  • Prepares the financial, manuals and submit them to the designated body for approval and implement same after approval.
  • Prepares an annual plan and budget for the department as well as the corporate budget based on the plan and budget of the Company and submit to the concerned body.
  • Establishes systems and manuals for financial management and budget administration.
  • Prepares different financial statements that show the financial positions of the Company with other status and presents for auditors.
  • Checks the utilization of the work units against the approved manual and support them for proper utilization.
  • Effects various payments after the approval of the authorized body and keeps payment records.
  • Signs cheques, payment vouchers and other financial instruments if authorized jointly with other officials delegated for the task.
  • Develops, reviews and updates periodically the Finance manual of the Company and thereby advise His Immediate supervisor on major changes.
  • Consults with and advise the Company’s Finance personnel regarding prescribed fiscal and accounting regulation, acceptable accounting principles and techniques for proper control over revenue, expenditure of funds and other assets.
  • Analyses and interprets financial statements and advises management on implications thereby indicating the possible course of action to be taken.
  • Prepares cash flow statements and evaluate and present investment proposals with the view of encouraging long-lasting sources of investment income of the Company.
  • Evaluates periodically the performances of employees within the unit and make sure that they acquire the necessary skills and training.
  • Performs other related activities as instructed by immediate Supervisor

Job Requirements

Degree/Masters in Accounting or other related fields with 10/9 proven work experience out of which  2 years in a managerial post

How to Apply

Applicants, please send your documents to hr@eastafricantradinghouse.com

Job by East African Trading House PLC
Job by East African Trading House PLC

Job by East African Trading House PLC