June 21, 2024
Cooperative Bank of Oromia New Job Vacancy 2022

Cooperative Bank of Oromia New Job Vacancy 2022

Position: Interest Free Banking Retail CRM

Educational Background: BA degree in Accounting, Management, and other business related fields.

Experience: minimum Six years of relevant experience.

Language proficiency: Proven proficiency of Listening, Speaking and Writing Afan Oromo, Amharic and English are Mandatory Required Competency

  • Knowledge of Islamic economics
  • Understanding of Islamic banking principles and standards Understanding of Islamic banking operation policies, procedures, manuals and frameworks
  • Awareness of fundamental of Islamic banking accounting (AAOIFI)
  • Knowledge of regulatory bodies directives and legal frameworks Understanding of the workflows of Islamic financing (financing cycle)
  • IFB financing risk management skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Customer relationship management.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Identify and develop new sources of business, to acquire and recruit new potential customers and develop strong relationships, to optimize the utilization of all products and services of the bank
  • Retain existing customers by developing and maintaining fruitful relationship with the current customers
  • Resolve customer issues i.e: investigates and resolves customer complaints regarding service.
  • Ensure customers’ needs are met.
  • Guide branch customer service initiatives as per the established service standards of the bank
  • Engage branch staffs to reinforces customer relation and promotes the service culture
  • Support branch staffs on developing, managing and growing customer relationships,
  • Develop and enhance good relationships with community and other financial institutions.
  • Prepare schedule for regular face-to-face meetings with the corporate customer of the branch for business discussion at the preference place of the customers,
  • Ensure that all customers of the branch are well informed on bank’s product and services
  • Refer opportunities to other business segment managers where appropriate
  • Develop and monitor bank sales strategies to get area’s competitive advantage
  • Provides innovative and productive inputs to enhance the efficiency of the branch and widen the scope of the business to increase revenues as well.
  • Support and coordinates the marketing efforts of the branch
  • Marketing branch within the community to attract business
  • Represents the bank in social and official affairs
  • Implement the designed strategy for the growth of quality services and customer recruitment
  • Ensure all document related to credit and Trade Service are properly and timely forwarded to the respective organs
  • Manage and monitor loan portfolio and ensure that long outstanding suspense accounts are cleared timely.
  • Maintains and oversees all banking procedures and processes
  • Ensure proper communication of policies, procedures, circulars and other business communications to staff of the branch,
  • Approve branches expense as per the limit.
  • Ensure effective and proper utilization of branch’s resources,
  • Rectify discrepancies and comments reported by internal auditors and controller,
  • Monitor, verify, rectify and update all accounting records.
  • Ensure compliance and monitoring is in place in accordance with rules, regulations and standards,
  • Prepare financial statements and operational reports for the district and head office.
  • Checks and balances daily cash on hand against journal and cash book and ensures that subsidiary accounts balance with their respective general ledger positions.
  • Keeps custody of revenue stamps, loan security documents, and loan contracts.
  • Keeps dual control of petty cash and vault key as needed
  • Documents and interprets complicated financial information for bank clients
  • Oversees financial reports for taxes, regulatory agencies, and other financial groups relating to branch finance
  • Monitoring budgets and ensuring sales targets are met, engaging and motivating staff to achieve objectives.
  • Perform any other tasks as assigned by supervisor

Job Location: Adama District Office (Adama Town)

Registration Place: Adama District Office (Adama Town)

  • Remuneration: As per the Bank’s salary scale and benefit scheme
  • Terms of employment: Permanent after probationary period
  • Registration Deadline: December 10, 2022.

How to Apply:

Interested applicants who fulfill the above criteria can submit their copies of non-returnable CV with the application letter and copy of credentials; including copy of grade 8 ministry certificate and other supportive documents. Applicants should appear in person with original documents within five consecutive working days from the date of announcement.